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There’s a lot of jargon in the special education world but don’t let it intimidate you. Here’s what some of those abbreviations, acronyms and jargon mean in plain language.


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An American epidemic is robbing millions of kids of a normal childhood and nobody is talking about it. There are more than twice as many children impacted as those diagnosed with Autism and Type 1 Diabetes combined. According to the Department of Justice, 1 out of every 28 children under the age of 18 have experienced the stigma and challenges related to having a parent in jail at some point in their lives. 


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ABCs of IEPs

Amanda Morin

In 2008 the mortgage crisis crushed the American Dream of homeownership for many families.  In light of studies that conclude higher academic performance and fewer behavior problems for children of families who own their home, these could be disheartening circumstances. If you are one of these renting families, asking yourself what you can do to help your children achieve the academic and behavioral benefits enjoyed by the children of home-owning families, read on.


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